Gardening + Mental Health

There is something healing about being outdoors surrounded by nature. The smell of fresh air, the feeling of the beaming sun or cool breeze, the touch and smell of the flowers, plants, and leaves. The sound of chirping birds and the sight of passing butterflies. All of which allows a person to feel grounded, connected, and aware with all of their senses. These little moments create big impacts.   Whether one is planting vegetables, flowers, or plants it all is good for one’s mental health. The process of gardening produces endorphins, and this is one reason people feel good when they are gardening. There is research that shows gardening can help to improve one’s mood, decreasing depressed symptoms and easing anxiety for several reasons. Being outside in the sun offers exposure to Vitamin D, which is a synthesizer of serotonin also known as “the happy chemical.” There is also a natural antidepressant in soil known as Mycobacterium Vaccae, which has been found to stimulate areas of the b